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भारतीय स्वास्थ्य शिक्षा एवं अनुसंधान परिषद
Health Education & Research Council Of India

(Central Council for Health Science, Established under Constitution of India) Incorporated Under the Legislation of Govt. of India

Norms of Affiliation

The Health Education and Research Council of India provides affiliation to institutes and college all over India to promote ‘Paramedical Education, Research & Training and its Technology/Application’. Applicants have to submit a written application addressed to The Secretary, Health Education and Research Council of India duly signed by the Head of the Institute or Chairman of the Society.

Application form has to be accompanied by a declaration from the applicant stating that their establishment is run only for research work and development in paramedical system and not for commercial purposes. Building space of the institute/college should meet certain basic requirements like:
  • Constructed area of 3,000 sq.ft

  • One office for Principal

  • One office for Administration Officer

  • One office for staff

  • One library

  • One lecture-hall

  • Fully equipped Dental/Medical/Physiotherapy lab

  • State-of-the art audio-visual aids for modern education

The institute/college should have the following minimal staff before seeking affiliation:
  • One medical graduate to function as Principal

  • Medical lab technician

  • Clerk

  • Lecturer

  • Computer Operator

  • Peon

  • Sweeper

The applicant should furnish the following information along with the application form:
  • Short history clarifying period of involvement in educational work, financial background and constitution of its governing body.

  • Details of course/courses in which applicant desires to impart education.

  • Ownership status of applicant’s building. If the space is rented, produce proof of lease-agreement with owner.

  • List of faculty with their qualifications.

  • Rough map of accommodation depicting dimension of classrooms, labs and offices.

  • Brief on other facilities like hostel, curricular activity and health-care.

  • Details of facilitates in lab including instruments, equipment and other facilities for practical-training.

  • Affiliation proof with a hospital for practical training.

  • Details of sources which cater for specimens required in practical classes.

An inspection team appointed by our managing committee will visit the premise for physical verification and submit a report to our Secretary/Chairman.

On completion of the above formalities, the applicant should remit the following fee along with the form as security charges:
  • Inspection fee

  • Registration fee

  • Affiliation fee

The governing body members will scrutinize application forms to decide to proceed with affiliating an institute as its training centre for prescribed courses/course. Affiliation will be granted to an institute/college either permanently or for a specific duration. Any extension will be granted only on recommendations from the inspection team.

The affiliation fee for various streams is decided by the Council. The right to amend or modify terms and conditions or fee-charges from time to time rests solely with this Council.

Institutes/colleges should also note that:
  • Inspection and affiliation fee is non-refundable and nonadjustable.

  • Every institute should provide at least 2 courses. The minimal distance between any two affiliated centres should be 3 kms.

  • We reserve right to terminate affiliation to any institute/college without prior notice if it fails to function according to the instructions laid down by the Council.

Interested people can contact the Directorate’s office for any other enquiries.


After having completed all the above formalities the below charges shall be deposited in the office by Cash or Bank Draft in favour of Regional Academic & Professional Training Institute at the time of applying for affiliation.